NANONEER a new initiative for a common problem.

The problem of dirtiness and sustainable solutions to prevent corrosion.

The full initiative for a Clean and Sustainable enterprise has been founded on August 2019, in The Netherlands and is being rolled out in Europe.

We have enough of dirty

NANONEER stands for sustainable cleanliness. We have enough of dirty. Cleaning has unfortunately lost its luster. Where cleaning is carried out, people are not averse to doing this with methods and means that often do produce a non sustainable clean result. That requires change.

NANONEER stands for sustainable cleanliness in every area. Cleaning is restored to its former glory. We make the difference visible between clean and sustainable clean. We upgrade cleaning to sustainability. Then we do preservatives based on state-of-the-art nano-tech surface that we apply to a professionally cleaned surface using 100% biodegradable cleaning agents. NANONEER commits itself to contribute in environment friendly solutions and uses natural and recycled ingredients (i.e. Recycled Co2), and therefor creates it place in our society and helps reducing environment pollution and stimulates other companies to make the same. 

Where cleaners retrain to become NANONEER, clean becomes sustainable result. Look around you, be honest, we all have enough of dirty things.

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The Sustainable Clean Economy

From a dirty to a sustainable clean economy. Our drive for sustainable cleanliness has come from the realization that there is a lot of dirt around us. Clean is also becoming less and less clean. Dirt dominates and our waste recognition is an answer to skewed relationships in society where cleaning is only seen as an expense and eyes are closed for sustainable profit, as economy and for the environment.

Where cleaning is too often done with contaminants, where cleaning is often too short and not really clean. We explored and heard that everyone has enough of dirty things. So we examined the business case of sustainable cleanliness and got the entrepreneurial spirit out of the bottle, and that’s how SUSTAIN® was born and NANONEER with it.


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